It’s been a good year!

Now that summer has rolled around maybe I will have some time to reflect on this past year. Here are some highlights:
-Finished serving 1st year as A.S. President
-Celebrated as Ryun completed Kindergarten and on the Technology Award for his grade
-Celebrated as Ethan completed 2nd grade and won the Principal’s Award for Leadership for his grade.
-Stood in amazement as Aiden turned from a Toddler to a little Boy.
-Praised God that Melodie found her calling and started to live it out in Ministry, first as Children’s Pastor, and now as Women’s Ministry Pastor.
celebrated 11 years of marriage.
acquired another family member in the form of a cute little guinea pig who was first dubbed Princess Leah and then later the family settled on Little Girl.

Ways I’ve grown:
-As a leader, thanks to the mentorship of people like Dr. Dennis Dirks
-As a scholar thanks to the mentorship of profs like Dr. Alan Hultberg
-In self-knowledge thanks to the Institute of Spiritual Formation at Talbot School of Theology
-In imaginative wonder thanks to writers like George MacDonald
-In Greek proficiency thanks to profs like Dr. Joe Hellerman
-In encouragement and awe of how God uses those who are willing thanks to the 2010-2011 Associated Students Team.
-In Fellowship and manliness thanks to the Ambassador Men’s Ministry
And finally, for now, in humility and worship through my 3 boys and Melodie, God’s perfect family situation for a goofball like me:)

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