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Aristotle on Parenting Younglings

aristotle_teaching_cropIn my quest to uncover Philo’s thought concerning the education of young people, I found some interesting things in Aristotle’s Politics I thought I would share.

Aristotle thought the soul had two parts. The first was the irrational (αλογον) part. The second the rational (λογον) part. His idea was that the irrational part of the soul needed to be trained and tempered before the rational part could engage in the important work of philosophy. So, in his conceptual development of the ideal city, he prescribed the following things that should happen to the child in his/her different developmental stages. Overseeing all of this child development was an official of the city dubbed the Children’s Tutor (παιδονομοις). He was the CT of the City:)

Newborns to 5yrs old:

Remember, all of these things we designed to create the ideal citizen who would then be an important part of the ideal city. The CT was a little bit of a teacher and a lot of a Moral Policeman. Can you imagine seeing an add for this positon on

Who of my faithful readers would apply and why?

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