Liturgy of Mark (Updated to Modern Day English)

We give You thanks—yes, more than thanks, O Lord our God—for all Your goodness; at all times and in all places! You have shielded us, rescued us, helped us, and guided us all the days of our lives; bringing us to this very hour.

We pray and cry out to You, merciful God, to grant in Your goodness that we may spend this day —and all the time of our lives—without sin; in fullness of joy, holiness, and reverence of You.

But drive away from us, O Lord, all envy, all fear and all temptations. Lavishly give us what is good and good for us. Whatever sin we commit in thought, word or deed—in Your goodness and mercy—please pardon us. And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil; through the grace, mercy and love of Your only-begotten Son. Amen. (Liturgy of St. Mark, Updated)

*My humble attempt to provide and modern English update an important prayer from the Liturgy of St. Mark. See full English text here.

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