Prayer and the Spiritual Disciplines

The Prayer Life (4 Week Course)

A four week Training Experience at Fellowship Dallas focused on providing theological and practical foundations for going deeper in your relationship with God in prayer.

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The Most Important Question to Ask God in Prayer

A devotional talk on recognizing God’s active presence during difficult times

Prayer Life Week One: Prayer is Dangerous

This week lays the theological foundation for understanding prayer in relationship with the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). It covers introductory concepts like the definition of prayer, our relationship with the triune God in prayer, the importance of our motivation when approaching God in prayer, and keeping a prayer journal.

Prayer Life Week 2: How Not to Pray

This week’s topics are: How Not to Pray and The Lord’s Prayer. On the topic of How Not to Pray, we look at the Jesus’ instructions about prayer found in Matt. 6:5-8 and the example He has given us, as a community, to pray in the Lord’s Prayer.

Prayer Life Week 3: How to Deal with Distractions in Prayer

This week’s topics include: Hearing the Voice of God; How to deal with distractions in prayer; the Acrostic P.R.A.Y. as simple prayer model; and using the Jesus Prayer to focus your mind and heart.

Prayer Life Week 4: Prayer, a Global Phenomenon

This week’s topics include: God’s desire for us to pray in global community, the importance of pray in global missions, and Praying the Psalms.

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